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It’s been thirteen days since I last worked on the-afghan-that-has-eluded-me, but, I pulled it out this afternoon with the hope of finishing it. And while I didn’t finish it today, I did edge closer to completion than I have ever been.

Here is what the afghan looked like the last time I worked on it:

granny square crochet afghan crochet blanket
The afghan that has eluded me

Added to the 12 central squares was a strip of squares to the right and a strip of squares across the bottom. For the past week or so, the-afghan-that-has-eluded-me had found in one of the cubbies of my new shelving system.

Having determined that one of the first things I need to do to get better organized is finish a substantial number of my unfinished projects, I surveyed my shelving unit. With so many unfinished projects to choose from, it was difficult to pick just one, but the-afghan-that-has-eluded-me is the perfect project for a late spring afternoon of porch sitting, which is exactly what I was going to do.

Here is what it looked like after I wrestled with it for the latter half of the afternoon:

Crochet granny square afghan being pieced together
The Afghan-that-has-eluded-me in three parts

Most of the time I worked on it was spent joining squares into strips, but I also redid the last two rounds of square C-3 seen here in its previous incarnation:

crochet square C-3
Crochet Square C-3

After I had joined the four squares to the immediate right of C-3, it was clear that the additional stitches of C-3 were going to cause me a lot of aggravation, so I took out the last two rounds and eliminated 3 stitches from each side which made it much easier to join to the block of squares I had already assembled.

This is the point at which all of the tasks of finishing an afghan can seem tedious. Piecing together, joining, and weaving in ends do not have the same creative cachet that crocheting proper has, but attention to these details is as important and necessary as the thrill of working new stitches.