11 crafting days until Christmas: did you say taco wallet?

With eleven days between me and Christmas, I am having to do crochet triage.

The question I face each morning is this: which projects must absolutely without question be done before Christmas, and which ones will I have to set aside?

The soccer ball is one of those that absolutely without question must be done, and so, as it happens, is a project I refer to as “The Taco Wallet.”

I got the idea while chatting with a friend of mine over instant messaging.

Thirty years and 3000 miles separate us from the last time we had lunch together, but one thing we still share is that we both enjoy Taco Bell.

Which got me thinking the following: what about a taco wallet?

It could be used to keep an assortment of favorite sauces to have in the event of a salsa emergency, as well as a gift card or spare cash to purchase food.

Once the idea for the taco wallet entered my head, it would not let me rest.

This past Saturday time and opportunity finally converged. I got out my 3.75mm Etimo hook, a skein of gold Red Heart Super Saver, and started the process of bringing to life (through crochet) the inimitable taco wallet.

By Sunday afternoon, I had gotten this far:

crochet taco wallet exterior
The exterior of the taco-wallet-to-be

crochet taco wallet interior
The interior of the future crochet taco wallet

All that was left was to put the reclaimed zipper in and join what remained of the seam in such a fashion that the result would be recognizable a a taco:

crochet taco wallet zipper
Reclaimed zipper for a crochet taco wallet

Today, I got out my copy of Betty Barnden’s aptly named Super Finishing Techniques for Crocheters (which is, as the title suggests, super) and attached the zipper:

crochet taco wallet
A crochet taco wallet ready for adventure

Now the only thing left to do is get some Fire sauce and a gift card.

2 thoughts on “11 crafting days until Christmas: did you say taco wallet?

  1. How did you make that cool little ridge that the zipper attaches to? Is that one of the things in the book? Love this! I love making little change purses, but I always sew them and really want to crochet one.

    1. I’ll have to check my notes, but on the last round (or the second to last round), I went through the front loop only so that I could make a single crochet in the back loop that could then be used to attach the zipper. I’ll consult my notes and write up a more concise and useful explanation.

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