12 crafting days until Christmas: driving myself to distraction

My schedule today did not allow for much crafting, but it did allow for a lot of driving.

I had an extended errand to run this morning, and although crocheting while driving is not officially banned in the state where I live, I don’t think it is a safe practice, so I had to forgo my beloved craft while I drove.

Next, I found myself at a birthday party for a newly minted one-year-old, and while I doubt he would have minded, there wasn’t much opportunity to crochet there, either.

Finally, however, after stopping to put on my go-go granny dress and all of the attendant go-go granny regalia, I did make it to the meeting of the crochet guild to which I belong.

When I got to the meeting, I felt a palpable relief to be among like minded people. Hooks out, projects in front of us, we worked on an assortment of things we want to get ready for the holidays.

I pulled out the soccer ball I am working on and joined five hexagons one to another, and then to a central pentagon:

duke blue, crochet soccer ball, crochetbug, duke blue devils, crochet flower, crochet hexagons, crochet hexagon, crochet ball
One panel of the Duke blue crochet soccer ball

and when I was done with that, I crocheted the 5th and final round of four more hexagons:

four crochet hexagons, crochetbug, crochet soccer ball, crochet ball, crochet flowers, crochet flower hexagon, African flower crochet hexagon
Four more crochet hexagons done, eleven to go

The meeting was over too soon.

Before I knew it, I was back on the freeway, and headed home to make dinner and do whatever else had arisen while I was gone.

But the internal ambiance of the guild meeting has stayed with me, and I think I had best get back to my crochet.