213 crochet squares done, a lot more to go

Today, after I had gotten the last photo I needed for my blog post, I decided to take an inventory of crochet squares I have rehabbed for Project Amigo.

Some of them were at hand and I was able to count them in an actual enumeration. Others I had to count from photos I had taken (the first 46 crochet squares I mailed off and an additional 16 I documented that put away some place “safe” when I was in the middle of my big move last March) and when all was said and done, my best estimate was that I had completed 213 crochet squares, all of them from crochet remnants that had accumulated in my empire.

My most current nine patch of crochet remnants slate for rehab looked like this after I had woven in the ends and done what I think of as the “first stage” of rehab:

Nine crochet remnants with the ends woven in and the first round of crochet transformation
Nine crochet remnants after the first stage of crochet rehab

The first stage of rehab includes weaving in any ends that need to be woven in and then crocheting with the “next color” for however many rounds suit the remnant, and on that first pass, I managed to finish work on two of the nine remnants.

Moving onto the second stage as I think of it, I managed to complete work on four more crochet remnants, leaving me just three crochet squares shy of another nine patch:

Nine crochet remnants after the second stage of crochet rehab
Nine crochet remnants after the second stage of crochet rehab

Choosing my colors with perhaps more care than the occasion required, I quickly completed stage three and found myself with nine, freshly completed crochet squares:

Nine newly rehabbed crochet squares
Nine crochet squares rehabbed and ready for adventure

Which meant it was time to dig up at least nine more crochet remnants to rehab:

nine more crochet remnants in need of crochet rehab
Nine crochet remnants identified for rehab

Having figured out how to rehab the textured crochet roses that my mother-in-law had most likely crocheted in the late sixties or early seventies, I decided to include three of them in the line up with an assortment of other crochet remnants, and with all of that done, I got the day’s last crochet photo:

filling the wall nook with crochet squares June 10, 2018
Nine more crochet squares for the crochet nook

Unless I find a cache of crochet squares I have forgotten about and did not document, I still have quite a way to go, but 787 crochet squares to make is substantially fewer than 1000, and so I will continue on this journey, one stitch at a time.