Nine new crochet squares made from crochet remnants

Over the past two days, I continued my work on the nine crochet remnants I had identified for crochet rehab.

The remnants were, for the most part, smaller squares whose remediation was fairly straightforward, but there were nine of them, so the work was not exactly quick, but it is, in it’s way, very gratifying to take things that have no particular use and to turn them into something that does.

Here are are the nine squares with their first round (or rounds) of their next color:

nine crochet remnants another round closer to becoming nine five inch crochet squares
One round of crochet rehab on a nine patch of crochet remnants

Pleased with my progress, I continued digging though my travel stash and worked another round of color on each of the crochet remnants being rehabbed:

Two rounds into a nine patch crochet square rehab
Two rounds into a nine patch crochet square rehab

With this iteration, two of the nine crochet squares were completed, but there were seven in need of at least one more color, so I continued plying my hook and did exactly that.
This time, eight of the nine squares were rehabbed to five inches, and only one square needed any more work:

Nine crochet squares nearly all rehabbed
Nine crochet squares nearly all rehabbed

So I got out a new skien of Red Heart Super Saver grenadine that I had purchased while I was out running errands. It looked to me like it might be exactly what this ninth square needed:

a crochet square to be rehabbed posing with the yarn for the final round
Red Heart Super Saver grenadine with a nearly rehabbed crochet square

And when the square was done, I was pleased with my decision to plow forward with a simple round of single crochet with the grenadine — a color which has a flare of electric neon to it without being quite glow-in-the-dark:

Nine newly rehabbed crochet squares
Nine newly rehabbed crochet squares

With all nine of the recently identified crochet remnants done, there was only one thing left to do: identify nine more:

Nine new crochet remnants identified for crochet rehab

And then — so I have a visual reminder of how much progress I have made — I placed the squares I had just rehabbed with the squares that were already there (along with fourteen others I found in various locations), I got this photo of 136 rehabbed five-inch squares:

filling the wall nook with crochet squares
Filling in the nook in the wall with more crochet squares

Now, while I wait of the sun to rise on a new day, I will continue moving forward, one stitch at a time.