A Bauhaus block video tutorial

As a child, I loved building with blocks, and time has not really changed me in that regard.

So it isn’t much surprise to anyone who knows me that one of the recurring motifs in my work is an element that I call the Bauhaus block, so with hat in mind, I made a Bauhaus block video tutorial, so similarly crochet possessed crafters can build their own projects.

Portable, easy to make, and readily adapted to different sizes, the motif is the foundation of many of my design:

There is the pixelghan:

a multicolor crochet blanket made from over 1000 crochet squares

the as yet unfinished flight of fancy bag:

a multicolor crochet travel bag made from small crochet squares
My mini Bauhaus crochet block travel bag

the bag I made for my mother when another one I made her was deemed “too good to use”:

a multicolor crochet messenger bag made from crochet squares
A mini-messenger crochet bag my mother can use

last year’s North Carolina State Fair honorable mention afghan:

a crochet afghan composed of multicolor crochet squares and rectangles
My 2011 North Carolina State Fair afghan

and the ever popular yoga blanket:

My yoga blanket made of crochet squares like the ones featured in my Bauhaus crochet video tutorial
My yoga blanket made of crochet squares like the ones featured in my Bauhaus crochet video tutorial

and because people have asked me how I make these squares, today I made this Bauhaus block video tutorial which details how to make the eight stitch by eight row square that is the crochet building block of both the messenger bag and the yoga blanket:

4 thoughts on “A Bauhaus block video tutorial

  1. Thank you so much for putting together this video – it’s beautifully clear. Had a go at making some of these the other day as per the instructions but found it tricky to identify precisely where to put the hook in to make the tambour crochet stitches down the sides. Will have another go later along with your video for company and feel sure will have it sussed by the close of play! A shame work is calling now and I can’t get stuck in straightaway! Have a lovely hooky day! E x

  2. WOW now I understand how you are able to make such long segments o n your scrap balls!!! My tails are always so much shorter……
    is there a difference in the finished piece if one does not tun the work consistently in the same direction?
    (I always do so never noticed)
    Very clear and concise video.. and I learned about the Tambour stitch which I will find most useful in future projects:)
    Live and Learn AND Crochet!!!

  3. Hi – thanks for this its fab! Can you tell me how you join all the squares together so the different colour yarn doesn’t show when joining blocks of different colours? Thanks 🙂

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