A fall snap

After a seemingly endless summer, the weather has finally begun to change, but instead of something seamless and gradual moving imperceptibly along a continuum, we have experienced a fall snap.

There is an unmistakable chill in the air, and the leaves (at long last) are beginning to turn.

It is against this backdrop that I have begun (and continue) to work on my Scooby Doo inspired cherry cola bag, and this morning, as soon as I had eaten breakfast and walked my dog, I set out to block the pieces I have made so far:

cherry cola crochet bag pieces
Blocking the pieces of a cherry cola crochet bag to be

With everything but the strap for this soon-to-be magnificent bag crocheted, I then worked on finishing up several other loose ends that were on my “to get done” list.

First up was square G-1 (of Better Homes & Gardens Granny Square Sample fame) that I was making with Red Heart Classic star brights print. Unfortunately, a lot of the design of this square gets lots in the variegation, but I am hoping that the right color underneath it will reveal at least some of the details that have been lost in this rendition:

crochet granny square
A star brights print crochet square

Next, I worked on the C-1 square that I was making with CraftSmart Value sangria:

sangria crochet granny square
A sangria crochet square blocked and ready to dry

Because the color changes of the sangria are not as short and rapid as the color changes of the bright star brights print, not as much of the design of the original square is lost, and before the sun set on the rapidly shorter and colder days, I got this photo of the two squares with a renegade leaf that had fallen on the porch:

two variegated yarn crochet granny squares
two blocked variegated granny squares basking in the sun

This year the change to fall has felt more abrupt than it did last year.

Just a week ago, I was going out into the still dark morning to walk my dog without needing a sweater or anything to keep away the chill, but if today is any indication, I had best get my bag done so I have time to work on a sweater to keep that chill at bay.