Beyond the morning after

Yesterday, midway through my morning chores and obligations, I made my way to the North Carolina State Fairgrounds as it was now more than two weeks beyond the morning after, and it was time to pick up my entries.

The 2016 North Carolina State Fair had ended its run the day before, and I had been so busy that I had not had a chance to stop in see the sights and try this year’s fried confection of note, deep fried Jello.

But if I wanted my entries back, I had to make room for the fair, so I did.

Here was the sight that greeted me as I prepared entered the Commercial Education Building:

North Carolina State Fair Grounds education building
A view of the North Carolina State Fairgrounds the morning after the 2016 fair closed

Before entering I paused to admire the Ferris wheel which, stripped of its passenger cars and the hustle and the bustle of the lights and crowds, looked for all the world like a crochet motif with its concentric circles and radii.

Once inside the Commercial Education Building, I navigated a maze of long tables — some waiting to be put away, others piled high with items to be returned — first to Department Y, where I picked up the cookie sheet (with cookies) baby blanket, and then back to Department X where the bulk of my entries were located.

Today, I spread out my wares on the back deck to get another look at them in the sunshine.

The vinx was award 3rd place in its category, while both the dodecahedron and the baby blanket garnered honorable mentions in theirs, and, in a curious twist, the dodecahedron (in addition to it’s honorable mention) received a big blue ribbon designating it as the Hostess’ Choice Award:

crochet items from the 2016 North Carolina State Fair
My 2016 North Carolina State Fair pieces returns to the back deck

With the 2016 North Carolina State Fair firmly behind me, I took a break from my still unfinished former 2015 and now former 2016 state fair project and turned my attention to three granny square bags that are currently in medias res.

Yesterday, as a result of not finding fabric I knew I had, I spent a couple of hours wrangling yarn and generally attempting to bring order to a room that was in sore need of some, and eventually I found the fabric I had been seeking.

In the magnificent light of a late October afternoon on my back deck, I was very quickly able to decide on what linings would go where:

crochet purse linings with coordinating granny squares with work to be done as I move beyond the morning after
Three future granny square bags with their respective linings with work to be done as I move beyond the morning after

Every crochet project is its own journey, and I while I have no clear idea where these bags are leading me, I am curious to see where they go.

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