A flower shawl ready for blocking

This past weekend, I worked feverishly to finish the shawl that I began in April of last year, and eventually — when the weekend was done — the shawl was ready for blocking.

As of Thursday, I had made the shawl as long as I wanted to make it and woven in all of the ends, but on further consideration, I decided it needed to be one row of flowers wider than it was, so I spent what time I had for crochet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday working to get done what I could, and by late Sunday afternoon, I had joined every flower, woven in and trimmed every end.

It was all done but the blocking:

A join as you go crochet flower shawl ready for blocking
A join as you go crochet flower shawl ready for blocking

After taking the photo, I was able to soak the shawl in camomile soap and vinegar solution to both clean out any cat and dog dander as well as fix the dye. I then rolled it between towels, and then laid it out to dry on a bed situated underneath a ceiling fan.

My hope is that the shawl dries before it sours, and that by Tuesday, I can pack it up and send it off to its rightful owner and that she will enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

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