The return of the boho heart mandala

Having finished a shawl for my mother’s long lost cousin, I wondered what on earth I would work on now that it was done.

I needed to go no more than a foot from where I had laid the shawl out to dry, and I found my abandoned boho heart mandala:

crochet heart mandala
The boho heart crochet mandala in need of an armature

It needed some means of support to allow it to be hung on a wall, and nearby was a hoop that was the perfect size to be used as part of the support system that will hold the mandala together:

crochet mandala and hoop armature
The boho heart mandala with it’s armature-to-be

The hoop was the perfect size, but not the perfect color. So with my 4.5 mm hook in hand and trusty Red Heart Super Saver cherry, I got to work covering the hoop with the predominant color of the mandala:

crocheting around a hoop
I cover a hoop in yarn

It was a little awkward and slow going at first, but eventually I got the hang of it, and before I knew it, I was done:

crochet around a hoop
A yarn covered hoop in all it’s glory

There is still a fair amount of detail work to be done before this mandala is finished and ready to be hung on a wall, and I also need to find a hoop (or hoops) of suitable size to help stabilize the center, but I am moving forward, and soon another UFO (Unfinished Object) will be transformed — one stitch at a time.

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