A housebound weekend

Somewhere in the early morning hours of Friday, the much anticipated storm (now named Jonas) arrived — right on schedule.

It started with a coating of sleet which by mid-morning had turned to snow. Then, throughout the day, there were intermittent showers: some rain, some sleet, some snow, but thankfully, nowhere near as much of the freezing rain that had been forecast.

So, today was our third day of being pretty much housebound, and everyone in my house, particularly my dog Clooney, was ready for it to be over:

stop sign
What the storm brought the world to

By mid-afternoon Saturday, I was ready for summer, but since summer could not come to me, I did my best (using hook, yarn, and this free pattern) to remind myself of warmer, less physically hazardous times when the street was not like a giant sheet of constantly re-freezing ice.

To that end, I completed thirteen boho hearts that had been in medias res:

rainbow of boho crochet hearts
A rainbow of thirteen completed boho hearts

added a final round to seven more that only need some ends woven in and trimmed:

seven boho crochet hearts
Seven boho hearts with ends to be woven in (and trimmed)

finished the second round of six more boho heart-to-be:

six boho crochet hearts
Six boho hearts-to-be with the second round completed

and got a start on six more:

A rainbow of boho heart centers on a housebound weekend
A rainbow of boho heart centers on a housebound weekend

I know that there is a lot of clean-up to be done, damage to be assessed, and repairs to be made as a result of the recent weather, but my hope is that we get at least enough of a break to recover before it is once again time to settle in for another storm.