Readying myself for the first snow day of 2016

This was the view from my car as I waited to make a left turn late this afternoon:

waiting for snow
Waiting for snow (and sleet and freezing rain)

If I had not been following the weather forecast for the past three days, it would not have occurred to me that come tomorrow, this same intersection will probably be covered with snow that has fallen onto a base of ice.

Over the next forty-eight hours we are expecting a fully panoply of cold weather precipitation: sleet, snow, more sleet, rain, and the dreaded “freezing rain” which turns any surface it touches into ice.

As a result, I have spent most of the past two days preparing to stay in the house until things begin to thaw on Sunday, and after I made sure that we had dog food, cat food, coffee, half-and-half, and any other essentials we might need to get through the next couple of days, I got to work on the boho hearts that I unearthed in my office and which have captured my attention.

I started by completing the second round of the remaining boho heart centers:

a dozen boho crochet hearts
A dozen boho heart centers get their second round

Then, anxious to feel I had gotten something “done,” I set to work completing the third round of a handful of hearts that already had their second round crocheted and ends woven in:

seven boho crochet hearts
Seven boho hearts with ends to be woven in (and trimmed)

I don’t yet know how accurate the weather forecast is, but I can safely predict that this weekend there is a 100% chance I will spend most of my time crocheting.

6 thoughts on “Readying myself for the first snow day of 2016

  1. Stay safe! We are bracing for epic snow here in DC as well. I too always worry about dog food and toilet paper before bread and milk myself. Looking forward to crocheting a lot in between shoveling. Good luck!

  2. We’re here in Charlotte. Snow, ice & freezing rain here, repeat this pattern till Sat afternoon. We’re stocked up w/food, a comfort food recipe is planned for supper & Ive got two crochet projects, plus books on my Kindle to read. Hoping the ” dreaded freezing rain” doesn’t accumulate beyond .25″, but they’re predicting a higher amt & power outages. Stay safe!

  3. I am in West Virginia and right now its a white out. The snow came this morning late. I hope its not heavy, with so many inches called for it could be serious. Please stay warm and off the roads if you can, we want everyone to be safe. Let’s just ignore the outside and crochet 🙂

  4. BTW…I forgot to tell you how much I love the Boho Hearts. I would love to have a little lapghan made out of them. Great job, thanks for sharing.

  5. Good thoughts and heartfelt prayers to all those who are hunkered down for this potential “storm of the century.” Be warm, be safe, be smart.

  6. Upstate New York in Ulster County. No Snow. 2 hours away in NYC there is a terrible blizzard, the likes of which we haven’t seen in many a year. I reside in Queens but am minding my granddaughter. So glad I’m here and not there.
    Hope everyone else is safe and warm.

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