A hurry up crochet cat and more work on the third yarn bomb

I really didn’t need to add another project to my to-do list, but I wasn’t able to stop myself. In the interest of saving time, I searched through Ravelry’s pattern database, and I came across a “Kitty Mod Free Cat Amigurumi,” which, as it turns out, was the perfect pattern if you, like me, need a hurry up crochet cat.

It started innocently enough. I bought this book to give as a gift to a toddler I know:

The children's book, Can't Scare Me! featuring an orange cat
Can’t Scare Me!

It looked perfect. It has flaps, an engaging text, and a cute, two-dimensional cat, and it was that last item that made me think that the addition of a three-dimensional cat might just take it from perfect to perfection.

After tracking down this Ami Amour Kitty Mod Free Cat Amigurumi Pattern, I got out an orange, yellow, and pink variegated yarn and got to work.

For the most part, I followed the pattern as written, but I made two modifications: One, I used a 4.0 mm hook instead of a 5.0 mm hook, and two, I started the pieces using a chain 2 beginning rather than a magic ring. Other than that, I followed the directions to the letter, and in no time I had all of the pieces I needed to make a complete hurry up crochet cat:

A Halloween book with all of the pieces f a hurry up crochet cat to go with it
A Halloween book with the pieces of a coordinating amigurumi cat

Now all that was left was to embroider the face, stuff and seal the head and the body and the sew all of the pieces together.

I started with the face and used a yarn needle to guide me in where to place the embroidered eyes:

Then, using Red Heart Super Saver saffron split into two strands composed of two strands each, I embroidered the irises of the cat’s eyes:

Pleased with my progress, I split a strand of black yarn and finished embroidering the features of the cat’s face:

A hurry up crochet cat with an embroidered face
I finish embroidering the cat’s face

Now all that was left was to finish putting it all together.

Fortunately for me, the video that demonstrated how to assemble the pieces of the cat was very easy to follow, and in what felt like no time, the hurry up crochet cat was done:

The book Can't Scare Me with a coordinating crochet cat
The book and the crochet cat, ready for adventure

And now that this small project is done, I can move forward on the third Day of the Dead crochet yarn bomb, one stitch at a time.

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