A one skein project

Sometimes when I am in the throes of a project as large as the one I am working on for the 2010 North Carolina State Fair, I like to take a break to work on a smaller, more manageable project.

The smaller projects serves to refresh me for the larger project, and give me perspective and insight that get lost when I am in the middle of piecing together that which must be pieced together.

One such restorative project that I stumbled across several years ago is a pattern designed by Ileana Rodriguez which is featured on pages 137-139 of Debbie Stoller’s title Stitch’n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. Ms. Rodriguez’s pattern provides two decorative options for the bag. One being “In Bloom,” and the other being “Fit to be Tied.” Both are adorable.

I used this pattern as a launch pad for a small felted bag that I made from one of the recommended yarns, Cascade 220. Three changes I made to the pattern were as follows

First, I used a K-hook rather than the suggested 4.00 mm hook because it was my intention to felt the bag.

Second, I modified the pattern so that instead of working in rows and seaming the sides, I worked in the round. This required some adjustments to account for the fact that stitches lean to one side when working in the round.

Lastly, I trimmed the top edge and the opening for the handles with a contrasting yarn.

Here is the result, post felting:

A small one skein felted crochet purse
A small one skein felted crochet purse

I originally envisioned the purse being more decorated than it is, and this October after I have turned in my state fair project, I hope to find the buttons I bought specifically for this bag and give it a little more decorative joi than it currently possesses.

Kudos and much thanks to Ileana Rodriguez for providing the inspiration and the blueprint for my own one-skein project.

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    1. Thanks, Teddy! I think I’ll wait until I get your circle jacket done, and I have video of you I can post modeling it. I’d better get working on that jacket!

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