A very blustery Thursday

Today, after I had run a slew of morning errands, I packed up my car and set out — on this blustery day —  to Kernersville, North Carolina, to visit my friend, Andrea.

We had chatted over Facebook several days earlier, and during the course of the conversation Andrea had offered to help me with my boho heart project. I had not seen her in an age, so even if she had not tempted me with the promise of a pot of coffee (which was delicious), I would have made the trip, and so after this morning’s errands were run, I set out onto the open road with yarn, crochet tools, and partially completed boho hearts and headed west.

The weather, unlike yesterday, was clear, crisp, and dry, but while there were no tornado warnings or watches, the winds that blew away Wednesday’s moisture laden clouds were still quite gusty, so I drove carefully, keeping both hands on the steering wheel.

The roads were relatively clear of traffic, so despite driving into some stiff winds, I made good time and (as promised), Andrea had coffee ready almost as I walked through the door.

After brief hellos, we quickly got to work. I still had more than a few boho hearts that needed the ends of the second round woven in, and I had at least half-a-dozen boho heart centers that needed a second round, so with our Clover bent-tipped needles in hand we worked weaving in ends, and then, after a couple of hours we had all of the second rounds completed as well as all of the ends woven in and trimmed:

140 boho crochet hearts
One hundred-and-forty boho hearts ready for a third, and final, round

After basking in the glory of a job well done for at least a minute, we got back to work.

As can be seen from the photo, the light in the sunroom at Andrea’s house is spectacular, so we spent what time we had left crocheting the third round of a dozen boho hearts which is all we had time to do before it I needed to head home and begin my afternoon errands:

a dozen boho crochet hearts
A dozen nearly done boho hearts

The one thing that today reminded me of is this: when it comes to coffee and crochet with friends, you will never regret it, and it will never (ever) be as long as you want it to be.

5 thoughts on “A very blustery Thursday

  1. I’m so jealous! I would’ve loved to spend a crochet afternoon with Andrea! We’ve been Facebook friends for a while but distance keeps me from spending quality time with her. I am planning to join a group that meets at the local library in hopes of having some quality crochet time. I’m so glad you two had a good afternoon.

    1. I’m so jealous. What a perfect afternoon. I would love to see Andrea’s home and spend the day crocheting. I so enjoyed our last visit.

  2. One of my favorite memories from my time in North Carolina last October, was the time I spent with you and Andrea. It was so wonderful seeing your collection of work (up to then), in all it’s brilliant glory. How I’d love to live closer for more crochet time with the two of you.

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