Waiting for Wednesday

When I was a child growing up in the Sacramento Valley, the weather was less dramatic than the weather where I live now.

While there was a cold, dry wind that would sometimes blow from the north, and tule fog that would sometimes encompass part of the valley for weeks on end, there were no tornadoes or hurricanes, and I can’t recall there being weather alerts and wind advisories such as there are in the place I now call home.

Tonight, Wake County, North Carolina — along with sixty-three other counties — has a weather alert for tomorrow — Wednesday) — which the provided link describes as:

A Wind Advisory means that winds of 35 mph are expected. Winds this strong can make driving difficult…especially for high profile vehicles. Use extra caution.

So when I was not waiting on the weather, I spent the past couple of days working diligently to complete 140 boho hearts. By the time sunset was upon me today, I had forty-five hearts still in need of a second round:

boho crochet heart centers, crochetbug, crochet hearts, crochet motifs
Boho heart centers in need of a second round

another forty-five hearts in need of the weaving in and trimming of ends in anticipation of the third round:

crochet boho hearts, crochetbug, crochet hearts, crochet motifs, multicolor crochet
Boho hearts-to-be in need of ends being woven in and trimmed

and fifty hearts ready to have the third round crocheted:

Forty-five boho hearts to- be, waiting for Wednesday and for the third round
Forty-five boho hearts to- be, waiting for Wednesday and for the third round

and the resulting ends woven in and trimmed.

There is still much work to be done, but since tomorrow promises to be the kind of day best spent indoors, I am hoping that I can get the second round of the last forty-five heart centers crocheted and weave in all of those ends as well.

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  1. Tule fog – that is a delightful term. I lived in California for many years and did not know about that. I do remember the Santa Ana winds though. :<. Delightful thoughts – love this project. Lots of patience required!

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