A very busy Thursday

Spring is always the busiest part of the year for me.

Gone are the cold (but luxurious) ice and snow days of winter that bring the world grinding to a halt and leave me with lots to time to crochet, and in their stead are warmer, longer days that go by so fast the world seems a blur.

Today, when time was not rushing by, I did manage to get in some crochet time.

I spent much of yesterday reworking some of the four-round squares for my latest granny square bag project and crocheting the first round of the two-round granny squares that will form the handle/edging.

Today, I set the two-round grannies-to-be aside and focused my attention on finishing the second eight-round square and getting more of the four-round granny squares done. Then, when mid-afternoon arrived, I got my son from school and we went out on some unavoidable errands, and I made use of the fact I was already out and stopped by the fabric store nearest my house and selected these two solids for the lining of my current project:

Fabric for the double lining of another granny square purse was the foundation of a busy Thursday
Fabric for the double lining of another granny square purse was the foundation of a busy Thursday

Here is how the fabric looked with one of the squares:

granny square with fabric
The fabric with one crochet square

and here is how it looked with the other:

granny square with fabric
and another crochet square

With time speeding past, the thrill of running afternoon errands and making our way home through rush hour traffic was a distant memory, and I returned to work on the four-round squares, and then, shortly before taking my dog for his last walk of the day, I got these photos of the squares I have finished so far:

granny square purse crochet squares
The third granny square bag begins to take shape

I know that soon the languid days of summer will be here, and I will spend any number of hours out on my back deck contemplating life and crochet, but until then, I will do my best to enjoy life at the speed of spring.