A wintry mix and a three-hour delay

Tonight we are due for some freezing rain, sleet, and snow, so the school district (in it’s infinite, if belated, wisdom) has called a three-hour delay for school tomorrow.

What this means in practical terms is that I get to sleep in until 7:30 (if the dog lets me), and I get to have a more leisurely and interesting breakfast than is typical for a Friday. That will, no doubt, set a festive tone for the start of the weekend.

Today, however, there was no delay — just sunshine and clear skies.

I used the excellent light to good advantage, finishing most of the work on hexagons for rows 11 and 12 before it was time to take my son to the orthodontist:

crochetbug, crochet hexagons, crochet blanket, crochet afghan, crochet throw, crochet animals, crochet flowers
Rows 11 and 12

Then, I grabbed my crochet tools (including my Clover bent-tipped yarn needles), and while I waited for the orthodontist to do his magic, I tried to work some magic of my own on the “If pigs (and dogs and birds and bears and frogs and lions and turtles) could fly” project.

While I did not get everything done while I waited, I did get a good start on it, and shortly before sunset, I was able to get this photo:

What I got done while waiting for a wintry mix
What I got done while waiting for a wintry mix

I still have three rows of hexagons left to do, and I am hoping to have them done by Saturday evening at the latest so that I can soak the entire piece as it is and block it on Sunday before I add the border.

But whether I do or do not get done all that I hope to this weekend, I am now confident that before the first of March arrives, I will be able to remove this project from my list of UFOs and mark it as being ta-done.

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