All done but the blocking

I finished the cookie poncho today.

All of the squares are joined, the ends are woven in and trimmed, and the border is crocheted.

It is all ready to go except for one thing: the blocking.

Some people don’t block their acrylic projects, and there are plenty of yarn snobs who think there is nothing that can be done to make acrylic acceptable in polite company, so why waste the time and energy to block an object that will never be as awesome/amazing/cool as an alpaca/cashmere/merino/silk/angora/bison blend free-form tablerunner/shawl/throw rug?

Well I’ll tell you why I bother: blocking a project makes it look its best.

So today, after I had laid out all of the pieces:

crochet cookie poncho
Crochet cookie poncho in need of joining

finished joining them:

crochet cookie poncho
Crochet cookie poncho in need of a border

and then added a border:

Cookie poncho all done but the blocking
Cookie poncho all done but the blocking

it was time to block the poncho so that is full beauty could be realized.

Unfortunately, it was also time to get my son to his trumpet lesson. So tomorrow, when the sun has risen on the new day, I will get out my blocking tub, fill it with warm water and vinegar, and immerse the poncho for a good, long soak, and once, I have wrung or the water and placed it on a sweater dryer under a ceiling fan set to high, and in return, the fibers will relax, the pieces will fit better, and the cookie poncho will be ready to wear.

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