Of cookie ponchos and orange afghans

One of my first orders of crochet business on Friday was to block the cookie poncho.

Using a tub of warm water with a cup or so of vinegar, I let the poncho get a good long soak after which I rolled it between towels.  From there, I placed it on the bed in the guest room — one of the few places in the house that is free of pet hair.

Here is one side of the poncho after blocking:

crochet cookie poncho
One side of the cookie poncho

and here is the other:

crochet cookie poncho
The other side of the cookie poncho

With the cookie poncho now ready to wear and consigned to crochet history, I was looking for something to work on, and as luck would have it, I didn’t have to look too far.

Waiting as quietly and unobtrusively as is possible for something made in such a vibrant shade of orange, was the afghan I had decided to set aside yet again while I worked on the cookie poncho.

With the cookie poncho done and ready to be mailed, I was out of reasons not to get it finished, so I got it out and got to work.

Here is how it looked before I got started:

orange crochet blanket

and here is how it looked after a I had gotten in a couple of hours whipstitching squares and weaving in ends:

orange crochet afghan

There were (and still are) a number of ends to be woven in, and it would seem that the orange yarn I used came from two different dye lots, but as I move forward on this project, I will firmly set any reservations to the side, get out my bent-tipped yarn needle and continue whipstitching and weaving in ends until it is done.

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  1. You are an excellent writer and an expert hooker! I love your stories and your projects! I wish you continued success and can barely wait for the next chapter Betty Lynn

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