An October snowpocalypse in the Near North Valley!

Just three days ago it was a balmy 76ยบ F, and I was enjoying a breezy and pleasantly warm afternoon. Fast forward just 60 hours, and instead of balmy breezes, I was greeted by an October snowpocalypse in the Near North Valley:

A photo of the slide at the park during the October Snowpocalypse

My dog, Clooney, loved it. He was delighted to have his nose to the cold snowy ground as we made our way along one of our usual walking routes.

I was not as thrilled.

While he exchanged dog greetings with those doggy neighbors who were out, I kept an eye out for icy patches and slush puddles.

Once we got home and I had dried off the icicles that had formed in his hair and had a second cup of hot, fresh coffee, I was ready to get back to work on the two amigurumi skeletons I am making using Aimee Borst’s Mr. Bone Headz crochet pattern.

I had started my Monday with four arms to crochet, but by the time sleep overtook me, two of the arms were completely crocheted, and I had gotten halfway though the third.

In the light of the new day, that left me with one-and-a-half arms to crochet. I finished the crochet:

Two amigurumi crochet skeletons with ends to be woven in

Which left me with a few ends to weave in, but—as the weaving in of ends goes—it was pretty easy work, and in almost no time at all they were woven in trimmed, and the two crochet skeletons were ready for another photo shoot:

Two amigurumi crochet skeletons, one with a crochet pumpkin head and one with a crochet mummy head

There are a couple of more heads I would like to crochet before I pack these up and send them off to their new home, and thanks to this October snowpocalypse, I have all the time I need to make them.

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  1. They are wonderful! I half expect them to show up at the house when they go trick or treating.

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