Another future granny square bag

Spring has sprung in earnest, and now — in addition to warmer temperatures and longer days — the annual pollen drop has begun.

Thankfully, this year’s pollen event is interspersed with rain, so after a layer of pollen falls, it is soon washed away, and while there are still times of day that a delicate yellow film blankets all outdoor surfaces, as a result of the regular storms, my dog and I have tracked in much less of it into the house than is usual.

It against this backdrop that I have been working out the details of finishing my first granny square bag of the season:

The other side of the future granny square bag
The other side of the future granny square bag

And when those details don’t seem certain to me, I get out my 4.0 mm hook and continue to work a series of two-round granny squares for another future granny square bag with the hope that the act of forming new stitches and making new squares will eventually lead me to a solution for exactly how to finish the first granny square bag:

crochet squares for a strap for a granny square bag
A future granny square bag

As was true when I began work on the first square of my nearly completed granny square bag-to-be, I don’t yet know what shape these squares will ultimately take, but I do know that it will be a tremendously fun journey, and I will move forward as I always do, one stitch at a time.