What I didn’t and did get done

Last night I stayed up way too late watching the NCAA finals, so when the sun rose on the new day, I had the best of intentions but almost no energy to get them done which is why I din’t get done anywhere near what I wanted to get done, but at least I did get done a couple of things.

At the top of my list of “things I did not get done today” was washing and ironing the two fabrics I selected for what will be a double lining for my granny square bag-to-be:

two fabrics for lining
Two fabrics for a double lining

I had wanted the color directly behind the granny squares to be subtle and enhance the overall color aesthetic of the crocheted squares, but I wanted a second less subtle color for the interior lining that would provide good contrast for those times I have to search for my phone, keys, wallet, and the other various and sundry things I keep in my purse.

Here is how the two fabrics look with one square:

granny square with fabric
The lining fabrics with one square

and here is how they look with the other:

granny square and fabric
and with another

In addition to not getting the fabrics prepared, however, I did make a pattern to use for the lining (once I get the fabric prepared):

purse lining template
A pattern for the lining of my bag-to-be

and when I was contemplating all that I was not getting done, I crocheted these eleven two-round granny squares for a project that has not yet revealed itself to me:

Eleven two-round granny squares were part of what I did get done
Eleven two-round granny squares were part of what I did get done

I would love for every day to be super productive and efficient, but the truth is that crochet, like life, is a journey, not a destination, and sometimes I have to acknowledge and live within that truth.

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