Assembling my nine-patch, granny square purse

After a strong cup of coffee (or two) I got all of the granny squares for my Russian Tea Room nine-patch, granny square purse completed this morning, and in between various household chores and some much anticipated Nutella crepes, I got both the front and back panels assembled and then joined to each other:

nine patch crochet purse
The front of a nine patch granny square purse

nine patch crochet purse
The back of a nine patch granny square purse

I had tried making a round of black single crochet around the squares, but I did not particularly like how the black interacted with the other colors. Although it looked fine on the bag that was the inspiration for the colors I used, it seemed to muddy the colors of the granny squares in a way I didn’t enjoy.

While there are people who might find the choice of colors garish, I like the interplay and vibrance of the Red Heart Super Saver bright yellow, hot red, and pretty ‘n pink.

While the bag still needs a strap to carry it by and a snap to close it, this is definitely not a purse I will have to worry about misplacing. And given the boldness of the colors, it might even be theft resistant.

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    1. Thank you! . got a big sew-in snap today, so all that’s left to do is sew in the closure, make (and attach) the straps, and buy a cute little moleskin notebook!

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