The Russian Tea Room nine-patch, granny square purse

After perusing my copy of The Adventurous Crocheter last night, I found my attention drawn, in particular, to page 217 which has a number of drawings of what the authors describe as afghan purses.

They are purses composed of various geometric shapes (squares, hexagons, pentagons, octagons, and triangles) that are constructed using the principle of the granny square. No doubt I slept with visions of granny squares dancing in my head last night, because when I returned from taking my son to the last day of his week-long computer camp, I decided that the best possible way to spend my last day of his summer camp excursion was to make a small, brightly colored purse, just large enough for a phone, a wallet, keys, a pen, and a small moleskin notebook.

The original plan called for me to make 2 five-round granny squares, but I am rarely, if ever, able to stick with the original plan, and before I knew it, I had decided that a nine-patch purse was just the thing. Because a purse requires, at a minimum, both a front and a back, I found myself in need of eighteen granny squares.

Working with the colors from a bag I got at the Russian Tea Room last January, I settled on making granny squares composed of three rounds each and chose to work with the Red Heart Super Saver colors of bright yellow, pretty n pink, and hot red. To insure that the resulting crocheted fabric was sturdy, I crocheted with this worsted weight yarn using my 3.25 mm Etimo hook.

Here is the bag that was the original inspiration:

The Russian Tea Room
A bag from the Russian Tea Room

and here are some of the resulting squares:

nine granny squares
A future nine patch granny square bag

I figure that with these three bright colors, this purse will be practically impossible to misplace.

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  1. No WAY! That’s great, Leslie! You have to link them with black. Great job, and quick, too, right? Excellent!

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