Closing in on finishing the African Flower soccer ball

I had a wonderful and productive day working in my outdoor office:

outdoor crochet office
My outdoor office

After a leisurely breakfast and two cups of coffee, I started back at work on the soccer ball and am now just five pentagons and four hexagons away from having all of the parts needed to assemble my 2010 World Cup African Flower Motif soccer ball.

The first thing I did was rework the panel I had seamed with outside seams. As I had not yet gotten to weaving in the ends, the undoing went fairly quickly, and except for not paying attention to one seam that needed to be undone a second time before I could proceed, it was uneventful:

crochet soccer ball panel
Correctly seamed 2nd panel

The next thing I did was concentrate my attention on making correctly sized pentagons. Over the course of the day, I managed to complete five:

Five African flower crochet pentagons
Five pentagons

Then, I turned my attention to the remaining hexagons.

I tend to lay things out as I go along so I can see how they look. I was not overcome with too many bouts of color indecision and managed to finish the six hexagons seen below.

Six African flower crochet hexagons
Six hexagons

Just for the fun of it, I tried this arrangement of all of the pieces I had completed to see how it would look:

crochet hexagons and pentagons for a crochet soccer ball
Laying out the pieces of the soccer ball to be

I think the soccer ball is coming along well, but I think that after I finish it, my outdoor office could use some work.

Update: Since this post was originally written, I have completed a pattern so that you can make your own crochet soccer ball:

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