The soccer-ball-to-be is ready for assembly.

After losing my crochet mojo at a meeting that went on for far too long last night, I was relieved when it resurfaced after I got my youngest son dropped off at a computer coding day camp.

I guess two cups of coffee and the adrenaline rush of dodging traffic got me back on track, but what ever it was, something did the trick, and once I got home, I settled in to watch some of the Chile-Switzerland match, and a recap of the Portugal-North Korea match in which Portugal scored seven goals.

So, in addition to watching an actual soccer game for inspiration, I finished two loads of laundry, made the five pentagons that were needed for the soccer ball,

eight crochet pentagon motifs
Eight pentagons for the soccer-ball-to-be

completed four hexagons that were needed, and finished joining the four panels seen here:

crochet hexagon and crochet pentagon motifs for a crochet soccer ball
Another arrangement of the four panels

Now, I need to figure out which sides to join where.

Crochet soccer ball hexagon and pentagon motifs
Four panels of the soccer-ball-to-be

My plan, at this point, is to stay up and work on it until it is done.

Update: Since this post was originally written, I have completed a pattern so that you can make your own crochet soccer ball:

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    1. Me either! I am really looking forward to getting this put together tomorrow.

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