Crochet chores

Today, I continued with what some might consider “crochet chores.”

My myriad multi-color crochet projects are comprised of a fair amount of work that is not technically “crochet,” and today, after I had finished washing the last of the single-color textured squares, I turned my efforts to another necessary (but not exactly crochet) task: measuring the 30 lengths of yarn I will need for joining the mutli-color motifs to the single-color squares.

The length of yarn in question was about 8 arm-widths long, so after measuring out each length of yarn, I wound the length into a small skein which I then secured with the one end of the yarn and put into a plastic bag before it had a chance to get tangled with any of the others:

lengths of yarn for joining
Lengths of yarn for joining the squares of my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project

The work is essential, but not particularly creative or satisfying the way actually crocheting can be, so after I had gotten this necessary (but not necessarily interesting) task completed, I began work on a piece for the border I have planned for this project.

While the “chainless” single crochet foundation is popular technique in some circles, I have not (despite having taken an interesting class on the topic) fully warmed to the method as there are times it is not the best choice and this was one of those times it was better to simply make the 318 chains needed to make a piece 317 single crochet stitches long.

The task did not go quickly, and this was all I got done on the border before my crochet day ended:

textured crochet border
I get a start on one part of the border for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project

With my crochet day about to draw to a close, I was curious as to how the 19 completed multi-color motifs I have completed so far would look in a group picture.

Here is one view of them:

textured crochet squares
Nineteen multi-color motifs in sunshine and shadow

and here is another:

textured crochet squares
The same 19 multi-color crochet motifs in a different light

The parts of the project I am working on now are a bit of a slog, but I am getting ever so close to the being able to join them, and I am very curious as to how this will look when I get it all put together.

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  1. I am looking for a way to join motifs of different colors, I wondered how you joined your squares in this project.
    I would really appreciate any help.
    I love your project here on this page

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