Defy Gravity

What I really needed to be able to do was defy the space-time continuum.

With my youngest son scheduled for two activities 18 miles apart, driving and waiting were a substantial part of my day’s activities.

The first stop was the parking lot of the middle school directly adjacent to the high school my son attends to meet up with other band parents and students for a band-bonding picnic at a nearby recreation area, Sandling Beach at Falls of Neuse Lake.

Having successfully evaded the time vortex that is somewhere on the walkway I use to get from my house to my car, we arrived 15 minutes early, so while we waited, I got out a Clover bent-tipped yarn needle and wove in what ends I could on the four center squares I had stuffed in my purse.

While I did make progress, it was more than a 15 minute project, so when my son got out of the car to head to his first activity of the day, I put the squares back in my purse and headed home to grab lunch and fill out the electronic waiver needed for the day’s next destination: a birthday celebration for a friend at Defy Gravity.

Located at 4300 Emperor Blvd, #250, in Durham, North Carolina, Defy Gravity’s “About” page describes it as:

a cutting-edge Trampoline Sports Arena unlike anything you have ever experienced.

I had initially not been enthusiastic — a birthday party with a waiver requirement — but when all was said and done, my son had a lot of fun, got a lot of exercise, and I had two uninterrupted hours to finish weaving in ends on the four center squares that were in my purse:

four textured crochet squares
Four center crochet squares with the ends woven in

and to then get as much done as I could on one of the border pieces for my state fair project:

textured crochet border strip
I continue work on a piece of the crochet border for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project

While I didn’t finish the piece for the border (it is 317 single crochet stitches long by six rows of single crochet stitches — through the back loop only — wide), I did make measurable progress, and tomorrow I will be ready to pick up where I left off today.

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  1. Do you have the pattern for the green ham that I can have? I am trying to make green ham for the dramatic play area of the classroom.

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