Tools of the trade

A life of crochet isn’t just non-stop glamor.

Occasionally, once a crocheter has taken hook to fiber and created new and interesting projects (or pieces of projects), she must then attend to the details of transforming the elements of a project into a coherent, cohesive, and clean whole.

Case in point: my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project.

Yesterday, I enjoyed both sunshine and crochet and plied my hook to make these three center squares that will be the central part of three as-yet-to-be-completed multi-color motifs:

multicolor crochet squares
Yesterday’s center crochet squares

Today, however, I started my crochet day with a more mundane task.

As my regular readers are aware, I have a cat (Stripes) and a dog (Clooney):

the pet sofa with dog and cat
My dog and cat share a sofa (sort of)

As such, pet hair and dander are a part of almost every project I make.

In an effort to prepare my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project for entry, I have been washing the squares and then securing them in a pet-free room in my home, and today, I washed four more squares using the following procedure:

First, I soak the pieces in warm soapy water:

textured crochet squares in soapy water
Soaking four of the thirty single-color textured crochet squares in soapy water

Next, I rinse the pieces:

four wet textured crochet squares
Four crochet squares cleaned and ready to dry

Then, using a Spin’n Stor produce spinning bag:

Spin'n Stor
My Spin’n Stor

I extract as much water as possible from the squares:

water removed from crochet squares
Water I got out of the blocked crochet squares using the Spin’n Stor

Next, I roll the squares in a dry towel to remove even more moisture.

Then, using this sweater dryer I purchased at a nearby grocery store:

sweater dryer
High tech sweater dryer

I lay the pieces out to dry. When possible (as it was today) I dry them outside:

single color textured crochet squares
Four freshly washed single color crochet squares laid out to dry

When I got to the point that all that was left to do was the drying, I sorted through the work I had done so far and determined that I needed just four more center squares.

To my delight, I finished all four:

multicolor crochet squares
The last four center crochet squares for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project

I still have plenty of work to do before I can begin the assembly of this project, but my progress continues, one stitch at a time.

One thought on “Tools of the trade

  1. I am totally cracking up about your pet hair/dander comments. So true – that stuff gets everywhere. My favorite/least favorite part about blocking is that if I shut our cats out of one room to keep them away from a project, it is immediately their mission to GET. IN. THAT. ROOM. Pets!!

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