Crochet rehab interrupted

My progress on the rehab of twenty-seven crochet remnants gifted to me by a dear reader took a slight detour yesterday and due to circumstances I could not avoid, the crochet rehab was interrupted.

As my regular readers are aware, I have moved, and a few weeks ago now what remains of our stuff arrived.

It turns out that despite having spent at least seventeen months downsizing in advance of the move, the  amount of stuff is still substantial. So yesterday as I made my way around some impressively tall box piles, I decided it was time to address the stuff in the garage so that there was more garage and less stuff. Suffice it to say there was also less time for crochet, but today I was back at it full-force.

I spent some of my crochet ¬†time reviewing the deadlines for the New Mexico State Fair and realized, I don’t have time to sit and ruminate. This year’s project is going to need to be a bit more spit-spot, and a lot less fraught. I don’t have time to design a bunch of different shapes and hope that they will magically fit together at the end.

No, I need to pick one motif and stick with it, and while I have motif in mind, there are two things I want to get done before I start in earnest:

Finish the one thousand squares for Project Amigo
Figure out what size hook I will use for the motif

and knowing how I am about things, it might well be easier to finish the thousand squares.

So with what will be an abbreviated state fair season that will run from July 1 to August 19, I decided I really needed to get going on the current batches of crochet remnants, with my efforts today focused exclusively on the twenty-seven that were gifted to me.

They are, in a way, easy to work on because I am simply going with the straight up granny square, following the pattern that was used to make the remnants. The most difficult thing at this point is deciding what color to use. I work past any reservations I might have, and while I occasionally decide that another color would work better, more often than not, I plow forward. As of dinner time tonight, this was how far I had gotten:

Progress on the twenty-seven crochet remnants
Progress on the twenty-seven crochet remnants

As I near the finish of the first round rehab, I am also running a bit low on the DK weight yarn needed to complete the rehab of all of the squares, but fortunately for me, Joann was having a sale on Lion Brand Cupcake yarn which happens to be be both acrylic and a DK weight.

After surveying the options under the fluorescent light in the store, I settled on this skein the colorway of which is “spring break”

DK weight acrylic yarn in an assortment of colors
DK weight acrylic yarn in an assortment of colors

While I am not wild about the gray, the colorway also includes a bright pink, a bright green, a flamingo inspired orange, and a bright yellow that will do the trick, and once I have the yarn fashioned into little mini yarn skeins with the help of the BOX pen nostepinne, I will be ready to move forward, one stitch at a time.

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