Day 11: 3219 ends woven in, 625 ends to go

six more rows until this project is done, and ten work days left to do it.

In as much as it took me the entire month of August to finish the first 7 of 8 rows, I am not entirely sanguine about whether this project will be finished on time, but if I have another day like today, I will begin to breathe a little easier.

I had a truly amazing crochet day today which was not at all how I thought it would turn out.

To start, the day began much earlier than usual, and I had been up much later than usual to prepare for it so I was prepared to be tired when I first set foot out of the door.

Because I knew I would be spending the morning either driving or in a waiting room, I had made sure that I had all of the things I needed to work on making more squares, and I had made a list of which squares I needed more of and in what colors they needed to be crocheted so that I would be ready on Saturday morning to lay out a new row once I had row 25 attached to row 24.

As it happened, I spent much less time waiting than I had expected, and I got to make use of the first afternoon of sunshine we have had in several days to get donethree hours of crochet in actual daylight, and, in addition to making myriad squares, I managed to attach row 25 to row 24 and get all of the ends trimmed:

thirty-one of the 625 ends to go
thirty-one of the 625 ends to go

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Detail of rows 22, 23, 24, and 25

I am looking forward to the new day with renewed determination and 50 squares ready to go.