Day 30: My schedule slips, almost

As my regular readers know, as of this morning, I was 30 days out from the date my project for the 2010 North Carolina State Fair must be finished, and for much of the day I felt small schedule slips here and there and seemingly everywhere.

It was a close call, but after many schedule scares, I managed to meet all of my crochet goals today.

From the time my alarm went off until I got the last end of the day woven in at dinner, it wasn’t clear that I would be able to make my daily crochet quota. Breakfast took longer than I expected, An errand I was not able to avoid took an hour longer than I had anticipated. I got side-tracked later in the afternoon with household chores that could have waited. The day was rife with treacherous schedule slips.

While the Second Law of Thermodynamics (the entropy of an isolated system which is not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time) had no standing in my maternal grandmother’s house, I have found that entropy is the organizing principle of my life, and that no matter how hard I try (or don’t), entropy is always trying to get a foot (or two) in the door, and today was no exception.

What was exceptional was that I did, however, have a small, but significant, triumph, and if I can string together 29 more of these small victories, I should have this project ready for the fair.