Day 5: the penultimate row

When I started my project for the 2010 North Carolina State Fair, I didn’t imagine I would ever get to row 30, but get there I have.

This morning was a day of sunshine and breezes, and nothing, it seemed, was going to get in the way of progress.

I started where I had left off the previous day by joining row 29 to row 28. I then began laying out what squares I had already made for row 30. I did not have all the squares I needed, so after lunch, I continued to make the motifs necessary to complete the row. Before I knew it, it was mid-afternoon, and I was ready to start joining the squares that would comprise the future row 30.

It was not an entirely efficient process. There were still a few wayward ends that needed to be woven in before the joining could be done, but the row was completed and ready to be joined to row 29 before it was time for dinner.

Here is an overview of row 30:

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An overview of the penultimate row

After this photo was taken, I attached row 30 to row 29.

What remains to be done when I get up tomorrow is as follows:

finish making motifs for row 31
join motifs for row 31
join row 31 to row 30
block rows 22 through 31
join row 22 to row 21

I seriously don’t think I will be able to fall asleep Friday until I get this done.

And here, as I near the finish with this project, is the long view of row 30:

Row 30: the long view of the penultimate row
Row 30: the long view of the penultimate row

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  1. Such a lot of work – and so nearly there, I can hardly wait for the final “big reveal”!

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