Day 6: Two rows to go and 207 ends to weave in

I finished row 29 of my state fair project today which left me with just two rows to go and 207 ends to weave in.

I am in a little bit of shock that this project is nearing completion. It has defined my days for over two months now. I have scheduled meals, vacations, and doctor’s appointments around it.

I had several obligations early in the morning that required my time and attention, and they spilled into the afternoon, so it wasn’t until mid-afternoon that I had uninterrupted time to work.

Once I had the luxury of that expanse of time, I joined the thirty-one squares of row 29. When I was done, the sun was low on the horizon and the dinner hour was looming. I decided that rather than joining row 29 to row 28, an awkward task that requires attention to detail, I would spend the rest of my crochet time making more of the motifs I needed for rows 30 and 31.

So, now I have a pile of completed motifs and circles ready to be squared off, and these three strips of my soon-to-be-completed, afghan-to-be:

Twenty-nine of the thirty-one rows of a Hilbert curve made from crochet squares with crochet circle centers
Rows 1 through 29 laid out

Thank goodness I have a queue of things to choose from for my next project.

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