Decisions, decisions

Every year there comes a point in my state fair project where I have to set aside any doubts I might still harbor and move forward despite them.

That is where I found myself yesterday with all of my concerns about how I would fit together the pieces for the long-stemmed tumbler panels. In the spirit of moving forward, I spent most of the daylight deciding which color squares would go where:

assembling six water goblet crochet motifs and assorted granny squares into two crochet panels
I try one possible layout of two panels for my 2015 North Carolina State Fair piece

It took awhile, but with all of those decisions finally made, I began the trepidation filled task of doing the actual piecing. I have been, to some degree, playing a game of catch up with regard to this project since I began it, and I knew that some things would fit and some things would not.

One of the things that did not fit as I would like was the block of four, four-round squares:

one water goblet crochet motif with four granny squares
A not quite perfect fit

If I were a different person with a different aesthetic, I could have let it go, used some other color to fill the gap, and been on my merry way, but I am me, and instead of doing that I completed a final round (a tutorial about this method will be available after I finish the project) using the four colors of the four squares that comprise the block, and got the fit I wanted:

a water goblet crochet motif with four granny squares revised for a better fit
The revised four squares with the long-stemmed tumbler

Then, before the sun descended on an already too brief day, I got this photo of my overall progress:

four water goblet crochet motifs with assorted sizes of granny squares
The long-stemmed tumbler crochet panels being to come together

I have one week left to get this project done, and I am sure that the next seven days will be some of the longest and shortest days of my life.

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  1. Sending mojo fairy to hover over and about you and your winning design. You go girl!!!

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