Here comes the sun

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, and yesterday marked the twelfth consecutive day of rain, which tied the record that was set in August of 1887 (You can read more about that historic event here) which also means we had gone twelve days with gray skies. But today I can say here comes the sun, and it is just in the nick of time.

After so many days of rain from which the only respite we had were gloomy, overcast skies, it was more than a little surprising to awake to a cloudless morning, that turned into an equally almost cloudless day:

Here comes the sun: Clear skies over Raleigh
Here comes the sun: Clear skies over Raleigh

And when I was not busy getting caught up on washing the laundry that had accumulated in those twelve days, I worked outside on the deck designing the two long-stemmed tumbler panels:

water tumbler crochet motifs
The two long-stemmed tumbler crochet motif panels to-be

And started work on the additional 176 one-round granny squares that I had determined wee absolutely necessary for the finished project:

small crochet squares
More one-round granny squares

I don’t know how it is I get myself into these sorts of crochet situations, but the time for reflection will have to wait until this project done.

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