Digging deep into my crochet reserves

Having just finished rehabbing forty-two crochet remnants into fourteen crochet squares, I thought certainly I must be getting near the end of the pieces available for crochet rehab, but after a few minutes going through a box of things in need of further soring, I found that my crochet reserves are, in fact, more extensive than I had realized, and in less time than I would have thought possible, I had found fifteen crochet squares that could be made into nine five-inch crochet squares.

But first, I needed to work on one more square for “The World’s Biggest Crochet Blanket” with is being assembled in The Netherlands. I had rehabbed nine small granny square roses into one textured rose crochet square to honor my maternal grandmother, and I had selected this crochet square from my crochet reserves to honor my paternal grandmother as the design was inspired by a tablecloth that was handed down to me that she had embroidered:

crochetbug, crochet flower, crochet flowers, crochet remnant, crochet square, granny square
A crochet square ready to be rehabbed for the World’s Biggest Crochet Blanket

I had cleared the canvas, so to speak, and removed some embroidery from a previous effort, but the square was a bit too small, so I resumed the rehab by adding a round of Red Heart Super Saver claret:

A crochet square being rehabbed for inclusion in The World’s Biggest Crochet Blanket

Which got it to exactly the right size, but with that done, I realized that I didn’t have easy access to the reference resources, tools, or materials I use for embroidering on crochet, so I went back to the pieces I had selected for crochet rehab and got to work:

crochetbug, crochet flower, crochet remnant, crochet square, granny square
Nine future five-inch crochet squares ready to be rehabbed

Using the available time, an assortment of crochet tools, and my still rather impressive yarn stash, I finished rehabbing four of the nine future crochet squares, and made substantive progress on one of the remaining five:

crochetbug, crochet flower, crochet remnant, crochet square, granny square
An afternoon’s progress on the nine future five-inch crochet squares

Tomorrow, I plan to look for the two dozen or so other crochet squares I know I have finished rehabbing so I can pack them up and send them off to a new life of purpose and adventure, and in the meantime I will continue to move forward, one stitch at a time.