I find another nine-patch worth of crochet squares for rehab

Sunday, when the Durham Bulls played the Lehigh Valley IronPigs at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, my youngest son and I were in attendance, and because I am not about to give up either baseball or crochet, I found myself (as is true of most Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday home games) putting the finishing touches on my blog post.

And once those finishing touches were done, I prepared to post the most recent entry at my personal Facebook page with the following comment:

I know that one day I will run out of extra squares, but today is not that day:

My youngest son was looking over my shoulder and read the comment. He pointed to it and said rather sternly, “that is a lie.”

I learned to crochet shortly after he was born; as a result, he has no memory of me without a crochet hook in my hand or yarn trailing from my purse. No doubt the phrase “Don’t interrupt, I’m counting” was part of his early vocabulary.

Not wanting to lie, I revised my comment so that it would be more truthful, and then, along with a link to my newly published blogpost, I hit post and the whole thing appeared on my Facebook wall. Then I settled in to watch the Durham Bulls go on to win their game

Today, when I came close to finishing work on my most recent nine-patch of rehabbed five-inch crochet squares:

nine multicolor crochet squares and granny squares
A nearly completed nine-patch of five-inch crochet squares

I wondered if he was right. Would I be able to find another nine-patch worth of squares to rehab once this one was done?

I had finished work on all but the center square.

Composed of four two-round granny squares, I had decided that this four-patch approach to granny square goodness was worth documenting but today what I had thought would be intermittent rain turned out to be constant. While it varied from drizzle to deluge, it rained almost the entire day, which left me without a dry place to sit and document the joining process.

So instead of doing that, I dug deep into a bag of unfinished pieces to look for crochet rehab candidates, and I discovered that my son was probably right. It seems I will not be running out of squares to rehab anytime soon:

nine multicolor crochet squares, granny squares, and crochet peace sign
Nine future five-inch crochet squares

And until the skies clear, I will set the four two-round granny squares aside and work on the others one stitch at a time.