Doing what you can

Today is the second day of state fair season, and while all of my creative efforts are focused on the narrative afghan honoring what I know of my paternal grandmother’s life, I must balance it with finishing another, non-crochet project. To that end, I am focusing on “what you can do” rather than “what you can’t do.”

So today, before the non-crochet project claimed my attention, I decided that I needed to get something done, and that something was to weave in these ends:

The first step in "doing what you can" is to take care of a few ends yet to be woven in
The first step in “doing what you can” is to take care of a few ends yet to be woven in

It took no more than 10 or 15 minutes, but in that quarter hour’s time, it was (after having sat undone for more than 9 months) finished:

crochet panel with the ends woven in
With the ends woven in and trimmed

With that completed, I reflected on my efforts toward filling the center panel.

Inspired by a piano scarf crazy quilt I saw at the Madison County Historical Museum in June of last year, I began making some crochet pieces that mimic the pieces of the piano scarf that I had seen:

crazy quilt crochet pieces
I start to work out an idea for crazy quilt crochet

While their general state of undoneness (the ends are not woven in, there is no decorative stitching) made them look more than a bit messy, I had a feeling that there was something that I had not quite gotten right.

Not convinced that I had gotten it right, and equally certain I had not done enough to rule it out as a design element, I tried it next to one of the two central pieces of the center panel:

crochet crazy quilt pieces
I see how it looks next to one of the main elements of the central panel

In doing so, I saw what had been bothering me — the scale was off.

The large off-white piece I had crocheted needed larger crochet crazy quilt pieces around it rather than the size I had been crocheting them.

Having determined what the problem was, but not having time to fiddle with it, I headed out the door to spend some time on the non-crochet project. One the way home, I stopped just long enough to get a much needed latte:

crafting fuel cafe latte
Crafting fuel

To my delight, when I got home, this box of yarn had arrived:

yarn for my state fair project
A box of toffee yarn

Toward the end of July, neighbors had stopped by for a preview of last year’s unfinished project.

When I laid all of the pieces out, it was clear to me that it would be nice if each panel had a modest frame, and that an all-out, over-the-top crochet frame around the entire piece might just be the ticket.

I also knew that I didn’t have enough yarn in a single color to accomplish this, so after looking up myriad projects at Ravelry and making careful note of the colors used when the names were given, I decided that Vanna’s Choice toffee might be perfect, and after trying it out around the piano panel:

toffe yarn piano panel frame
Skeins of toffee yarn framing the piano panel

and on the two long sides of one of the water tumbler panels:

toffee yarn for a crochet frame
Skeins of toffee yarn on either side of a glass tumbler panel

I decided that the toffee was a really good choice.

Tomorrow will be another very full day, but I will continue to work as I always do: one stitch at a time.

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