The eve of crochet season 2016

Tomorrow is a big day for me. It is the first day of August which at my house means it is the opening of what I think of as “crochet season,” or more specifically, crochet season 2016.

As such, a lot of things that would normally be “front-burner” projects will be cast aside until noon on October 10, the absolute final deadline for this year’s project.

There is always the ever-so-slight possibility that I will get my work done before then, but it is ever so slight.

This afternoon while I ruminated on last year’s project — which I didn’t finish and — which has, of necessity, become this year’s project, I got a great idea for how to finish the center.

An incredibly detailed and time consuming idea that would, if it worked, be spectacular.

Of course, I have no idea if it would work.

But I am not about to set aside my dreams for this project because I don’t know, so late this afternoon while my youngest son started dinner, I pulled out the bin where I had kept all of the pieces over the past ten months:

The plastic bin housing what was to be my 2015 North Carolina State fair entry
The plastic bin housing what was to be my 2015 North Carolina State fair entry

took off the lid:

One of the crochet corner motifs of a crochet work in progress
What I saw when I took the lid off of the bin

and inspected my work from last year.

First up were these four corners:

The four crochet corners of a future crochet blanket trimmed with granny squares
Four corners of a card table tablecloth

which were inspired by a card table tablecloth my grandmother had embroidered:

The card table tablecloth embroidered by my grandmother that inspired the design for the four corners of the crochet afghan
A tablecloth for a card table

Now that I have had almost a year to reflect on it, I’d really like to redo the heart, spade, club, and diamond to get a more polished look.

Next, I pulled out the top and bottom center panels:

one round granny squares forming a back drop for a crochet keyboard and a crochet clock
The top and bottom center panels

The clock is based on this clock that was given to my grandparents as a wedding gift:

ansonia clock given as a wedding gift that inspired the design of the crochet clock
A wedding present circa 1923

With more than nine months to reflect on it, I realize that I have to figure out some way to add the numbers and hands to the clock. It will be tricky and at times tedious, but it will also be the right thing to do.

As for the piano keyboard, I am happy with it as it is.

Next up were these two panels that depict the glass water tumblers that once belonged to my great-great grandmother Hill, but which now belong to me:

The water tumblers given to my grandmother by her grandmother and the crochet panels they inspired
My great-great grandmother Hill’s water tumblers

and I decided that there was nothing I could do to make them any better.

That left me with a pile of granny squares that I have not yet used, and these two pieces which will be an important element of the center panel:

the paper of a letter rendered in crochet
One element of the as-yet-to-be completed center panel

There is still a lot of detail work to be done, but I am hopeful that this year, I will be able to finish this piece in memory of a grandmother I never knew:

My grandmother, Nora Buchta, inspiring me to crochet great things for crochet season 2016
My grandmother, Nora Buchta, inspiring me to crochet great things for crochet season 2016


6 thoughts on “The eve of crochet season 2016

  1. What an awesome idea, treasures, and great memories. I pray and hope you are able to complete your design this year!

  2. I’ve been patiently waiting to see this project finished. Now, I am starting to get a little bit excited to see it completed. I believe it will be a “show stopper” at the fair.

  3. Oh yes! It’s lovely to see this project again, and I also can’t wait to see it progress to its final design!

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