Give my regards to Broadway

By definition, any day that starts with a breakfast of cheesecake and coffee can’t be bad. And when that day also includes matinee tickets to the Addams Family Musical (with Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth, no less) on Broadway the day is going to be, by definition, excellent.

That left me, my son, and the inimitable Boo-Boo with time to fill in the after-breakfast, pre-matinee time period. Fortunately for this trio, Manhattan offers many opportunities for adventure, so we bundled up in our coats and hats and scarves and gloves and went out in search of just such an adventure.

After exploring areas of interest from Broadway to Fifth Avenue, we made our way back and grabbed lunch at the Times Square McDonald’s while Boo-Boo amused himself with a sculpture that was part of the dining experience:

crochet tiger at McDonald's on Broadway
Boo-Boo grabs some lunch at the Times Square McDonald’s on Broadway

However, the long morning spent sight seeing in the cold left Boo-Boo in need of additional sustenance to stay warm, so we went to the Dean & Deluca he found yesterday, where he got a cup of coffee and a most amazing cupcake:

crochet tiger at Dean & Deluca
Boo-Boo enjoys a Dean & Deluca cupcake

Warmed by the coffee and cupcake, Boo-Boo was at last willing to let me fit in a little crochet before the theater. I used the time to take a photograph of the two blue squares that form the cornerstone of my second color study inspired by Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color.

two blue crochet squares
Two blue crochet squares

This left me with a few minutes to get started on the outer colors. I decided to experiment with the palette that so captured Mondrian’s imagination and used Red Heart Super Saver colors hot red and bright yellow. Here was the result:

two granny squares
I continue my crochet color study

crochet granny square
One crochet square on top of the other

As for the matinee, it was excellent.

I can only hope that one day I will be able to create with crochet the same level of joy and insight and spectacle.