Go-go granny Sunday

Today I enjoyed absolutely gorgeous fall weather that was nothing short of perfect, so I made use of the weather to spend what became a go-go granny Sunday.

I gathered together the assortment of Red Heart Super Saver yarn I am using for this project, my 4.00 mm Clover hook, a pair of scissors, and my Clover chibi, and situated myself in my outdoor office.

Needing only a sweater to keep the autumn chill at bay, what time I spent working on crochet today was devoted to my Go-go granny dress to be, and I managed to get this far with it:

Twenty-two squares done, 72 to go (go) on a go-go granny Sunday
Twenty-two squares done, 72 to go (go) on a go-go granny Sunday

At this point, I am having to resist the temptation to begin joining the squares. Each time I lay them out, I put them in a different order than the time before, and, as yet, I don’t feel a strong commitment to having the squares in a particular place. Once I whipstitch them together, however, change becomes a lot more work.

I would be well-advised to finish at least 46 squares before I begin to join them. At that point, I will have completed enough squares for the front and half of the sleeves, which should give me a better idea of how the colors will work together.

I can only hope I listen to myself on this.