In the aftermath of preparing for the state fair, many chores, large and small, are awaiting my attention.

Some of them involve my home. To that end, before I even thought about picking up a crochet hook this morning, I did two loads of laundry and a load of dishes. I have yet to restock the pantry, but did make a mental note of what items I need to buy the next time I manage to get myself to a grocery store.

Some of the housekeeping involves crochet.

I belong to an African Flower Hexagon motif swap, and I am, at the moment, what is termed a “bad swapper.”

I got my hexagons made and sent off to my swapping partners in July, but August and September were another story. Completely consumed by my state fair project, I didn’t make one stitch for any of the motifs I was supposed to have made, let alone the requisite number of stitches needed to make an entire hexagon.

Today, after the laundry and dishes were done, I decided I needed to remedy my bad swapper status. To that end, I began work on the 12 motifs that I am in arrears and managed to get this far with them:

crochet hexagons, crochetbug, crochet flowers, african flower motif, crochet motif,
I work (belatedly) on the African Flower Hexagon motifs for an August swap

Once I had made measurable progress toward once again becoming a good citizen with regard to the swap group I belong to, I made these six granny squares for my Go-go granny dress:

crochet squares, crochetbug, granny squares, crochet dress, granny square dress, multicolor crochet
Six more granny squares

As of this morning, October is more than halfway over, Halloween is just 13 days away, and I am not remotely close to ready. Part of me wanted to engage in some righteous indignation about the speed with which time passes, but frankly, there isn’t sufficient time. I need to take my hook in hand and get busy.

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