A granny square bag in need of grommets and straps

Yesterday began early, and with each errand I completed, two stepped up to fill the vacuum, so it was with tremendous sense of relief that today I was able to return to the granny square bag that is my current front burner project.

After sorting though several joining options, I settled on a right-sides-together, single crochet through both loops of both squares being joined, and for a color I used Red Heart Super Saver turqua which is close to, but not an exact match for the colors being joined — Craft Smart turquoise on one square and Red Heart Super Saver Accent paradise on the other.

I was tempted to go with an even bolder color statement, but decided that I would go for the expediency of what was working over trying the other 5 color candidates to see what might be slightly more perfect, and in short order, the three sides of the bag that needed to be joined were:

future granny square crochet purse
The front and back panels of a granny square bag after joining

With the joining completed, I worked a slip stitch (in matching colors) along the edge of each side of what was now the top of the bag.

When the ends generated from that were woven in, the bag was ready to be lined, so I pressed the seams of lining, folded over the top edge so it would fit:

granny square crochet purse and fabric lining
The lining ready to be inserted and secured

then pinned it into place, and sewed it to the body of the bag:

crochet purse fabric lining
The lining sewn in

The next step was to figure out where the grommets should go.

After measuring the image of the original leather bag that I am working from, I determined the most appropriate place for the grommets and marked then with scraps of yarn that I tied into bows:

granny square purse ready for grommets
The future granny square bag with the lining sewn in and ready for grommets

But, by the time I had gotten that far, the wind blowing in errands had returned, so I had to set it aside for another day.

Tomorrow, I hope to pick up where I left off with this bag, and get this crochet granny square bag ta-done.