I almost resume my normal life

Today marked a milestone of sorts.

Fourteen years ago my youngest son was born, and his birth was the precipitating event and catalyst for my interest in crochet. As far as my older children are concerned that is where my normal life ended.

At the time, I did not (and could not) foresee the adventure on which I was about to embark.

To mark his birthday we spent yesterday afternoon and evening celebrating so that he could stay up past 9:30.

As a result, today was uneventful. He was busy working on a history assignment that is due tomorrow and practicing trumpet for an upcoming lesson, so he did not seem to mind (or notice) that I was attending to various crochet matters.

One of the first things I did was try out the Clover Reflections Crochet Hook Gift Set that I bought recently. The set I purchased included the 4.0 mm G hook, the 5.0 mm H hook, and the 6.0 mm J hook seen here:

plastic crochet hooks
My three new plastic Clover hooks

I was attracted by the color and had read several laudatory comments in a product review that made me curious to know if these hooks were truly “all that.”

While in my test run the yarn did not glide as smoothly off the hook as it does with the corresponding Etimos, it is a very nice hook, and I have no regrets regarding the purchase. It might be particularly useful with more slippery yarns that need a hook with a little bit of bite.

The other thing I did today was make more squares for the next step of my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project.

With my comings and goings of the past week, I did not make as much progress as I would have liked, but I also would not have liked missing out on the Annual Chain Link Conference either, so here is what I had finished by the time the sun began to set:

I finally make a little progress on my 2011 state fair piece and resume my "normal" life.
I finally make a little progress on my 2011 state fair piece and resume my “normal” life.

Life, like crochet, is comprised of a series of planned and unplanned adventures (both normal and not), and while I can look back on the past fourteen years and see where I have traveled, I don’t know that it gives me any insight as to what lies ahead. I do know this: if the next fourteen years are half as much fun as the past fourteen years have been, that will be more than enough.

6 thoughts on “I almost resume my normal life

  1. Any time there’s a hook in my hand, “life” is on track for me! Something’s terribly wrong if there’s no hook on me.

  2. It is really coming along and I love the colors. I got a Rewards coupon from AC Moore so I think I am going to try one of the Clover soft touch hooks. I keep hearing about them, but hadn’t tried them. Since I can get one free it seems worth the try.

  3. WOW Happy birthday Max…. would have seen tis earlier in the day as I usually wake up and read your post straight away but with FB these days there seems to be more not showing up on my page than is…. for some reason you do not appear and I had to come to your page to actually read this… wondering if the photo of the bag that did not felt was visible to you, as the only one to comment on it was my sister in law…..

  4. looks like its coming along;
    great to see you at Chain Link! (Yes-“regular” life is pulling me back in. Today was difficult, to concentrate on something other than crochet was excruciating!)

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