To crochet or not to crochet? That is the question.

At least, that was the questioned posed in an email I received from FaveCrafts Quick and Crafty regarding this purse:

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Crochet ruffle purse

Designed for Red Heart Yarns by Michele Wilcox this crocheted bag with ruffles is definitely my idea of a must-do project, only I doubt I would be be able to stick to the vanilla theme.

I would, most likely, need to make the ruffles a bit longer and more ruffly, and I would want to string brightly colored cylindrical beads onto the yarn before I crocheted the bag, to give it that “sprinkled with candy sprinkles” air.

Having said all of that, the purse is perfect as it is.

I just spent three of the past four days at a crochet (and knitting) conference and can attest to the fact that women like bags. So it came as no surprise to me when I read that purchasing a handbag is one of the most satisfying purchases a woman can make.

This fact was clearly in evidence at the conference. Like many of the attendees, I had more than one bag on my person.

I had my “purse,” a small crocheted and felted bag that contained my wallet, cellphone, calender, and keys, as well as a Vera Bradley duffel bag that I used to carry my current project and all of the needed accoutrements needed to work on it during those few stolen moments I had time to work on it.

Prior to learning to crochet, my interest in bags and purses was minimal. I carried a purse so that I would have a place to put my wallet, and I carried a wallet so that I would not lose my driver’s license in the pocket of a pair of jeans.

And while, unlike the women who answered the survey commissioned by (a shopping app), I derive more pleasure from attempting to create my own perfect purse than I ever derived from purchasing a bag.

For me, the answer to the question posed in the title of this blog post is a resounding yes.

5 thoughts on “To crochet or not to crochet? That is the question.

  1. You know, that would be really pretty with the ruffles in that Cashay (not my spelling, but theirs) that we saw at the Red Heart booth!

  2. Oh that bag is darling! You’re right that it is perfect as is but would look awesome in some bright colors! (I’m so addicted to bright colors, it’s hard for me to stay neutral. lol)

  3. Once you start asking the question you know the hooks are already out. Sounds like you enjoyed the conference. My Mom is off to it today.

  4. Longer ruffles would definitely take it over the top. 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed the conference. Wish I’d have saved my money on the local conference and come down to the East. Would have loved to visit that area and met you!

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