I finish the never-ending square


That is how it felt to work on the second square for a future granny square purse.

It is appropriate that I worked ┬áthe second ten-round square for a new granny square bag that I want to make during that sports event known as “March Madness,” because if I could magically include all of the rounds of crochet I frogged in search of the perfect combination of colors for this square, it’s possible that I could have crocheted a square area large enough to cover a basketball court.

Yesterday — after many ill-fated attempts to find the “right” color I managed to get as far as the seventh round of what was to be the second ten-round square:

seven round granny square
The first seven rounds of the never-ending square

Today, after a late start and several missteps, I began fitfully working on rounds eight, nine, and ten.

The day before, when the sun was still high in the sky, I had set aside four colors (Red Heart Super Saver coral, magenta, primary, and cherry cola) and hoped that from those four, I could come up with some order of three that would please me.

After second guessing the eighth round more times than I care to considered, I finally finished it. I proceeded with both trepidation and hope to the ninth round. When I finally finished the ninth round, I was hopeful, but not sure which color to go with: cherry cola or primary.

I love Red Heart Super Saver cherry cola, but I had a suspicion that primary might be just what was needed, so I decided to try it first, and was delighted with the result.

Here is the second ten-round square oriented one way:

crochet granny square
The never-ending granny square

here it is, turned 45┬║ and appearing as it will when it becomes part of the bag:

A finally completed never-ending granny square
The never-ending square completed

and here it is with the other ten-round square that I made for this project:

crochet purse granny squares
Two large granny squares for a future crochet bag

Now that the two centerpiece squares are done, all that is left for me to do is to find the perfect combinations of colors for the remaining sixteen five-round squares.

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