I get a start on sixteen five-round granny squares

Having completed work on the two ten-round granny squares for my current granny square bag project, I got to work on the sixteen five-round granny squares that will frame those two ten round granny squares and which are needed to make the completed project.

To guide my efforts and get a better sense of how the squares will interact with each other, I sketched this diagram of how the finished granny squares will be laid out before the final joining:

chart for crochet squares
Chart for how the granny squares of the bag to be will be arranged

Working with a 4.0 mm hook and my seemingly endless yarn stash, I have, over the last couple of days, managed to complete five of the sixteen five-round squares leaving me with eleven still to make, but in an effort to stay focused on what I have done instead of what there is left to do, I got this photo of the five completed squares posing with my new spring shoes:

granny squares crochet squares
Five new five-round granny squares

And here they are in one possible arrangement for the completed bag:

crochet square arrangement
One possible arrangement of the crochet squares

With eleven squares yet to be crocheted, I expect that I will change my mind about something between now and the final joining, but in the meantime I am moving forward as I always do, one stitch at a time.

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