I get going on my go-go granny dress

So far this month, I have finished three projects that were in need of finishing: almost two dozen overdue African flower hexagons for a swap, a belated birthday rug, and a fat bag.

In addition to the projects finished, I have made progress on two others: a Babette inspired cat runner for the back of my sofa, and the squares needed for my rendition of a go-go granny dress designed by Maryse Roudier.

Of the two projects, I am a bit more excited at the prospect of finishing the dress before November is over, and to that end, after a morning spent on what I consider less interesting tasks, I was able to turn my full attention to the go-go granny dress to be.

I moved all of the tools and supplies I needed to my outdoor office and laid out the already completed squares to get a sense of what colors to use in the squares that have not yet been made. Here is what I started with:

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Overview of the squares for my go-go granny dress to be

According to the weather report, today was going to be a blustery day, and, having gotten myself organized and comfortable, I settled in for what I thought would be a reasonably long and uninterrupted stretch of time to work in the sunshine. The chance of rain (if you weren’t on my back deck) was slight, and for much of the afternoon the weather report was exactly right, but shortly before 4:00, I had to hurriedly pack up everything and come in.

Within minutes there was a downpour which didn’t last all that long but did leave my outdoor office too wet for work.

Happily, before my project and I were forced to seek shelter, I took this photo which documents my modest, but substantive, progress:

An overview of the crochet squares for my go-go granny dress after I got a few more done
An overview of the crochet squares for my go-go granny dress after I got a few more done

I am hoping that as the sun rises on Black Friday, I have enough squares made that I can begin piecing the dress together and that my go-go granny will truly begin to take shape.